Recovery and resilience programme

The state of Assam experienced one of the worst floods in 2017, which impacted millions of across teh state. Total 141,000 hectares of cropland was affected. Animals were extensively affected (336,776 big, 194,325 small and 351,304 poultry).

HAI started responding to the situation from the early days of the disaster through its local members NEADS and AGUP in Golaghat and Barpeta districts respectively. In addition to providing lifesaving assistance during initial days, HAI continued supporting the most marginalised families with recovery and rehabilitation support. Families were provided with food. hygiene kit, restoration of toilets and other community infrastructure, livelihood support, agriculture revival support, etc.

Now the basic normalcy has been restored. However, there is still a lot to do to overcome the losses, and prepare the community to mitigate risks from future disasters. While we continue to rebuild resilient communities, we need your support to cover all the needy people. You may extend your support for any of the following activities:

  1. Livelihood restoration (piglets, goats, duck rearing or poultry): Rs 2,500 per family
  2. Agriculture revival (seeds, manures & irrigation support): Rs 3,000 per family
  3. Education kit for children: Rs 2,000

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