Please make contribution in the multiples of ₹1,000 to help establishing us a national pool fund for disaster response.

The campaign aims to establish a pool fund for disaster response in India. A readily available fund will enable HAI to quickly launch response to a disaster through member organisations of its platform. A prompt response is essential to save more lives and ensure faster recovery of the affected population.

Please click here to read in detail about Thousand Plus Campaign. Please read our Accountability Statement which will adhere with while responding to a disaster.

All humanitarian responses will be carried out through member organisations of HAI Platform. Please click here to read in detail about Humanitarian Response Platform (HRP).

CPA – Centre for Promoting Accountability, an independent financial institution will be the fund manager to ensure that the funds are properly regulated and utilised. Agreement between HAI and CPA can be read HERE.


HAI is a newly established organisation (registered in May 2016 under Indian Trusts Act). HAI aspires to work across India and internationally while being headquartered in India and resourced by Indians, including the Indian diaspora. We rely heavily on fellow Indians to develop HAI as an efficient institution to effectively deliver on its focus areas. Please help and support us to make HAI an efficient international Indian organisation.

We look forward to receiving support from Individuals and institutions to develop HAI as world class institution combating poverty, hunger and suffering.

Full click here to download full proposal. Total budget requirement is higher than projected here.