A major fire broke out in Saunai village of Mori block in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The fire broke out in the early morning of 15 February 2018, reducing all 46 houses to ashes, affecting 50 families. Approximately 100 cattle have been perished in the fire. Currently, the homeless villagers are sheltering in a primary school without any facilities. Fire is a regular occurrence in the village as houses are primarily built of wood and stones because of the cold weather. The village is remotely located approximately 200 kms away from the district headquarters, Uttarkashi. The relief work is being undertaken by neighbouring hamlets and district administration. Affected families are in urgent need of food, clothing, kitchen utensils and other non-food items for survival and restoration of basic normalcy in life.
The unit costs of support is presented below:
Food (rice, oil, pulses, spices and milk): INR 4,600
School uniforms (2 sets): INR 7,000
School books & stationery: INR 2,000
Kitchen utensils: INR 2,000

The relief activities will be carried out by the HAI member Tarun Paryavaran
Vigyan Sansthan. Please make your contributions here.